Just a little more!

Burn, till when the fire can’t burn you anymore, any further.

Fly, even after you take the highest flight that you can, aim farther.

Shine, even after you can feel the glow of your own self, in utter darkness.

Walk, even if your feet pains, walk a little farther.

Talk, until you learn the best way to communicate.

Smile, count your blessings, smile, no matter what.

Love, but no one, no more, than you can love your own self.


Short – Short Stories (3)

Don’t leave yet, sweetie.

But I have to go Peter.

Stay, please. I want to talk to you.

I need to go, my husband is waiting for me in the car.

*Peter kisses on the cheek* If you have to, then good bye, sweetheart.

The nurses will take good care of you, don’t worry. Good bye, Dad



Kuch is tarah

Kuch is tarah se joda usne ek toote hue aaiyne ko

k fakr hai usey ab khud k aaiyena hone par

Aise mohabbat nibhana seekha hai tujhse

khud mit k bhi, apni swaad chhod jao

Jaise ghulte hain cheeni k daani paani me

Us tarah ghul k bhi, apni mithaas chhod jao