The snow flakes were falling lightly on the front porch and settling themselves comfortably in layers of white. She looked out from the window curling a few strands of her hairs on her index finger thoughtfully. From outside the window, he could see she was wearing a shade of blue. For a moment, he could imagine a celebrity in her, that one can see only in magazines, photo-shopped and oh! so perfect. The curtains fell back on the window as she returned to brew her coffee inside and he could now only see the dark brown of the curtains in the pristine white frame of the window. He couldn’t focus on shoveling the snow from his car any further. Small love story, he thought.

Grandpa says, it was that one moment that love happened to him. Grandma has a different version of it although, said Shanya to her younger brother and winked a cute smile.


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