Kajal & Dev (Part II)

It was a beautiful winter morning. The sun shining amongs the midst of clouds. Warm jackets and a mug of coffee somehow completed the package.

Dev was still asleep when Kajal woke up. It was a sunday and neither Dev nor Kajal were in a hurry. The morning started late already and there was no noice around in the house except for the intermittent chirping of the birds. Echo. The twinkling sound of the wind chyme woke up Dev from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes and saw Kajal Lazying around in the house. Dev looked adorable when he used to wake up. His messed up hairs gave him the innocence of a child which radiated on his face. There was something mischievous going on in his head. His eyes gave that away when kajal came near to him. She was still standing near the bed when Dev jumped out of the bed suddenly to hug her and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She blushed. Infact, that was all she always wanted. To be in his arms all day long and just keep looking into his eyes. She had at times wondered if Dev came to know of her thoughts, he would be annoyed to think that his wife is so impractical. Yet, it remained a secret with her ownself. Only she was aware how deeply she had fallen in love with Dev. How she liked everything he did.

Dev was unpredictable. Sometimes he would look serious even when he would be thinking of mischief. and sometimes he would look mischoevous even if he was serious. Kjal thought she would begin to understand him in sometime. A few more days, months or years and she would know when he thinks what. And she was eager to wait each day exploring more about him. That was the beauty of their relation. The beauty of not having known each other. The beauty of realizing the good and the bad in themselves and making the other person better.

Dev & Kajal were not just beginning their life together, they were beginning a journey of a lifetime together. The most beautiful one that one will ever come across.


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