Kajal & Dev (Part I)

Kajal was happy today. Somehow, everything had fallen into place for her. She had found her prince charming and was way too excited to start her life with him. He was a breath of fresh air. A well read, soft spoken gentleman he was.

Kajal was awestruck by Dev. Everything about him was so pleasant. He radiated positive energy wherever he went. Dev’s voice had a soothing effect on Kajal and she prayed she could hear him all day long somehow. He was a charmer. The way he would talk, addressing “main” as “hum” would end up making Kajal so flattered by his innocence that she had started picking it up herself too.

Dev had last night, without a complaint stayed awake till so late talking to her, and she was just happy in knowing he was around even if they had exhausted all the topics they could have talked about. Dev was that. Her dream she felt. It had just been a few days she had started talking to him and to feel so inclined towards anyone so quickly was not herself. But, this time, she could not keep a tab on her feelings.

Everything that Dev said, sounded so right to her that she never questioned it, that apart that he actually used to be right in what he was saying! Kajal had fallen in love this time, and that without conditions. She wanted to share all her love with Dev without asking him for anything. She wanted to tell him everyday that she loved him. Tell him ten times in day that he meant to her now what no other did. He was just not special, he had become a part of her..


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