Sara & Rehan (Part III)

Sara had spent the initial nights of her discovering her husbands infidelity crying inconsolably. The pain had then converted into a relief. The fact that she at least knew the truth was elixir to her soul. She had finally let the curtains open. The sun shone just as bright as she had last seen it. She had left her apartment only twice to go for a walk late at night in the city when the house had started to haunt her. And once more four days back in the afternoon sun. She in these days refrained herself from getting into the room which she and Rehan used to occupy. Her drawing room was her bed-room mostly.

Sara pulled herself out from the bed. Lazily, though the blood in her veins was rushing fast, she knew everything was fine. She had in the past few days gotten used to sleeping alone and waking up alone. She was not expecting sounds. She was just calm. Rehan had called her up consistently trying to talk to her. He had visited her apartment almost as a daily ritual. She, however, had opened the door only twice or thrice to let him in and speak his heart out. He had cried on all instances. Sobbed, knelt on the floor, begged for forgiveness, She had cried too, with him. Holding his hand. yesterday was a night she had planned for herself. She had called up Rehan and spoken with him. There conversation was not long. Sara had the questions by heart. She was marking a check somewhere in her mind everytime the list got shorter, like a flow chart, where an answer was disappointing she will move over to the next one skipping a few questions in between that could have been asked had the answers been satisfying. She was marking, evaluating, checking, and what so not. Rehan had satisfied her with the answers.

She precisely had asked everything that happened in the past. What Rehan did?, Why he did so?, Is he guilty now?, Will he do it again?, Will he try to not do it again?, wil he be honest to her?, will he love her back? will he treat her like a princess? and what not.

Rehan, had realized early enough of his mistake, he was guilty, very. the past one month had been a flashback of what he had done to Sara for so long. For her selfless love. Which he did not return. He had decided to do everything the way Sara would want now. He had tried everything to seek forgiveness. And the conversation last night only made him happier now. He was happy, hopefull. He had started planning a trip away with sara already. To Venice perhaps. He had decided to let her join her work back when she wanted and be at her leisure. He had decided join for himself a better stable job and work on normal hours. He had infact, started planning for a baby too.

Rehan had cursed himself enough for the weakness that crept inside him and going over to another female to satisfy his insecure emotions. He had however not given much thought on what will the other female go through, He almost blamed her for getting into this on her own knowing he was married. Perhaps. May be.

Sara was done with the shower, She shimmered in her white flowing dress. and beige coloured heals. She had tied her hairs in a beautiful bun and put up a pink butterfly clip on it. She could have been a beautiful bridesmaid at the hour if anyone demanded for! Simple yet striking. She cooked breakfast for herself today, long time. a month. Not a lengthy meal but yes, food. She ate happily. She was planning a future too now. She was thinking of what will she do next. Work, sleep, eat, roam around, buy a camera and click pictures! yes, may be. perhaps. The house looked happy to her, talking to her again. She felt alive. her life did have a purpose she thought she had lost. Rehan. He was guilty. He sought forgiveness. He promised her he would not repeat it. He will be with her. He knew his mistake. He knew he was mistaken. He had ditched her. She did not. It was his fault. Not hers. He should have lost the purpose when she left him last. Not she.

She was smiling. She looked beautiful. Her sould was clear. Conscience pure. she wanted to fly at the moment. She felt so relaxed and free. She got up from the dining table. Salsa-ed herself alone to the bedroom. Picked up her jacket, her hat and her clutch. Levaing the house, she closed the door almost carelessly. Whistling for a Taxi. She was in a hurry. She had to go meet Rehan again today. He had left her a voicemail that he had reached and was waiting for her to come.

Rehan, stood there outside the coffee shop with a bunch of her favourite flowers hidden behind his back. Orchids. Purple Orchids. they were wrapped ina  bright pink huge ribbon the tail of which flowed long and far. He rushed himself as soon as he saw Sara getting down from the taxi. Opening the door for her. He felt it like his first date. Starting fresh. Sara smiled at him. He kept his hand on her waist and kissed her gently on the forehead. Sara drew herself back instantly, still smiling, looking down. She whispered a sorry in the air. Rehan ignored it. He was still so happy.

As they settled theselves into the table that rehan had already booked for them. Sara without wasting any time, took a little envelope out from her clutch. Rehan, smiled. He knew she loved writing things on paper for him to read, while she observes his expressions. He started guessing what it was. A poem, a love letter, a sorry for not speaking to him for so long, or how has she gotten over the trauma of his aduletry, etc. etc. Sara still had the same intesity of smile she had on her face when she got down from the taxi. She was so happy. There gazing into each others eyes was disrupted for a moment when the waiter came to there table to take the order. Sara gently asked him to come later. She was expecting they would not stay there too long. Anyway, Rehan had planned a day out for her, obviously a surprise unknown to her.

Rehan meticulously opened the envelope, not to tear the edges. Still looking deep into Sara’s eyes. Sara smiled. This time, though it was different. Rehan opened the paper that was folded into a half, his face now hiding behind the papers. He was excited to read the letter. He had decided to narrate it to her as well as he reads it, which had been a usual practice between the. He read in a cheerful pitch, Very loudly. “In the high court of justice, Priciple division of the family division.”

In a breathless mostion, he gasped her hands which were resting on the table. Sara smirked for the first time pulling her hands away, picking up her clutch and simultaneousy getting up from the chair. As she turned to go, She could hear Rehan’s puzzled voice. “Divorce……”

She danced in her mind. Free and happy. The day was very bright today.


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