Sara & Rehan (Part II)

ImageSara quietly tip toed out of the room. As quietly as she had entered. The sight of her Rehan on the bed with another female was enough to make her fall weak in the knees. she closed the door behind her. It made a little sound, like a mirror breaks. quietly. She continued to walk a little, but gave it up as she touched the stairs. Until she bent her knees and touched the floor with her head, she had been numb. A sudden choke in the throat and she burst into tears. She had started sobbing. Her long black hairs had become a mess, her mascara flowed down on her cheeks in traces of black which lead aimlessly to the middle of her cheeks. She was screaming by now, as if someone has died, someone. she? She did not know. She was weeping when she felt a hand on her shoulders. She cleared her throat a little and moved her hairs behind her ears to see who it was, almost scared it would be the neighbours. She saw Rehan. Rehan was sitting. Right next to her on his knees. She could sense fear in his eyes. Fear of knowing he has lost her. Fear, that Sara would not return after this. He looked at her. fixed his eyes upon hers. Rubbing the tears away from her cheeks. Sara was still numb. Sara was still alone. Shattered. She Could not understand how to react. She cried. More, louder. Looking up at Rehan once in a while, holding his hands in hers. Like you do to a dead body. Hold it, hug it, cry resting on its chest, and bury it. Rehan was scared. He did not move. He was in his lowers and a black vest then. Looking just as messed up. With reasons otherwise. He was still. He continued to hold her hands. Tighter with every shudder she gave. Sara. Rehan. She kept her head on his shoulder and wept. Like she will never get a chance to cry again. How helpless was she. Crying to the only person she has have had, for having hurt her irreversibly now. Rehan by now, knew what will happen next. He had forever known Sara. He wanted her to stay there, even if that left her crying all her life. He knew if she got up now. She will get up to leave. Sara, will leave, She had decided by now and cried over her destiny already in the arms of the man she had loved. and ceased to love.

All rights reserved by PG


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