Sara & Rehan (Part I)

Sara & Rehan (Part I)

The morning mist has always had something special to itself. The fog all around, the cool dry breeze that peels the skin of any feeling, the stiffness in the fingers, the warmness of the woolen sweaters, the scarf that shields the head from the callous wind, the gloves that keep you warm, but make it difficult to even hold a pen to work, the warm coffee, the aroma and steam of which makes winters beautiful and inviting.

There was something more special to this morning. It was hardly 5:00 am in the morning, and Sara had just woken up from her slumber. She hardly wanted to get up and get ready for work, but it was rather unusual of her, to be absent or to be late. She decided to wake up, not for her but for Rehan, it was their 11th anniversary today and she had planned bundles of surprises for him. That morning, she had planned to be subtle, no hullaballoo about anything. She made the favourite coffee flavour of Rehan’s and placed it on his bed-side. He was fast asleep. Last night had been a long night for him. He had reached home at 1:00 am and rather unwillingly kept himself awake for another hour just to speak to Sara, and talk about all the things that were not so important yet important to her. Sara gently kissed him on his cheek and whispered in his ear the forever lovely words that have kept their marriage alive for so long,

“I love you too” replied back Rehan, with his half open eyes, and smiled back at Sara. He pulled her in his arms, and Sara happily obeyed. Another Hour passed, with both lying in each others arms and talking about the events of the last year, some important, some not so important. Sara quitting her very successful job as a newsreader and joining a small company that underpaid her to write some wonderful articles for a website about which very few people knew, all so that she can be with her husband, while he decided to quit his job as a business analyst in america and move to a li’l known place, Macau, to satisfy his eagernes for travelling, growth and adventure. He had bothered less about Sara at that time. He believed she will land up a similar job in Macau, which could not happen for a language conflict. He himself quit his job in a span of 6 months after realiziing his expectations were too high, but having took a big decision to move over to Macau, he had took an even bigger decision to sell off his property in the US and force Sara to not agree any lesser. Sara, just as she had been since the initial days of having known him, was more than ready to sacrifice her happiness and be happy with what he found his happiness with. Rehan had managed a job for himself that required him to stay for long hours at his office to anlayse the business that happened when Macau slept. Although Sara had suggested him to move back to US and buy a home they could afford and get their jobs back, still Rehan insisted that Macau was where he wanted to live. He told her his only happiness was being with her at a place where the living was simpler and slower as compared to where they had spent the rest of their lives. (to be cntd.)

All rights to the written material and photo owned by preeti Gupta.


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