Love Castles

P- beach

I heard some one say,life is too short,
and i spent a lifetime realising it was true…
i heard some one say,love is eternal,
and i realized,i have to go till eternity to find it too..
like the sand of a shore,it slipped off my hand,
i tried to hold it,but it slipped all the more…
i built a castle,and something swept it away,
i built it again,till as long it may stay..
but as the nature of it,it had to go,
and i wondered,if ever it will again cross my way…
i cried and tried to make it stay,
to make it stronger,but weaker it lay..
and now all washed out,
i have nothing to hold,
all that i built,sand i thought was gold…
i still look back,when i pass it by,
i no more want it back,though i can build it again..
but i no more have the heart to be hurt,
and put my efforts in vain…


All rights to the photographs and written material owned by Preeti Gupta. Please feel free to mail/ message if you would like permission to use them.


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