“Delhi Gangrape”: Heard. Hurt. Hassled.


So, we have all by now, heard explicitly of the Delhi gangrape case. The very inhuman deed that led to the untimely death of a young 23 year old girl as she fell prey to a gang of inebriated men. I wonder, why to call them men, even animals are more generous to their own breed until the fear of death provokes them.

I would not repeat the gory details as it has already been highlighted much, and also because it pains me to even think of it. Leave apart being able to write it down here again for those international citizens who might not have heard of it until now, if at all. For those who have not heard about it, Click here.

What I am here trying to focus is on: what to do now?  There must be a lot of people who, like me, might have been angry, upset and felt sad over the incident but could not have been able to go join the peace march or protests, in and around the city in India due to our own limitations. What for people like us? Are we helpless? Can’t we do anything? If we can, then what is it? These questions raked my mind a many times. And now, after a very long time, i reached to a conclusion and here I am going to write this for us. So that, we can all think on this question, and find a better answer may be. And until the search continues, here is my solution to our so called but real helplessness. We can be a part of changing what we most want to change. Yes, that is the most precise answer i found to it all. Change. I would not say be the change, i would just say begin the change.

We all want death penalty for rape, the government is now fooling us by calling for a death penality request to the higher courts on the name of murder which eventually is the law. Death penalty for murder is already in the law!! What we wanted was death penalty for rape. Well, lets wake up. What good would a change in the law for rape as death penaluty would do? Nothing. Why do I say so? Here, read for a minute.  If death penalty be the punishment for rape, the criminal would erase the eye witness first. Who is that? The victim. So, in case we start calling for a death penalty, the criminals will start to kill the victims after raping them.  Not justified. We don’t want that. What we want is a law that people fear of. And an even better application of the law. What we want is changing the mindset of people. A psychologist told me recently, who has seen the Delhi gangrape victim too, that most people when inebriated intend to be anti social or give in to an antisocial person. She quoted 90 percent of people do so!! So, what do we want? We cant stop people from drinking, but yes, we can stop people from thinking so. Thinking that they can rape. Thinking that women can be raped.

The very quick question that arises in the head now, is how can we change the mentality? Let’s begin from our own homes. We know none of our family members would do so. But what’s the harm in discussing the incident that shook the world. Yes, we can begin by discussing it when we are watching the news. Condemn it. Support the protesters. Let the young ones understand that women have to be respected. That men are not powerful than women, just because of another organ that they have which women don’t have. That women give the gift of life. That they are delicate. We can let our housemaids know not to bear any domestic violence if she does. Give the gift of education. Give the gift of education to one child. Teach him. Teach her. Yes, just one life, and that one life will change so many that it will come across. Let everyone know, we would not tolerate such violence against women in front of our eyes. I am talking to people I have access to.


Here is a list of helpline numbers for women in Delhi. A few of them that I could find on my search. You do so too. You note down these numbers in your mobile phones or phone diaries. Pass them on to your friends and colleagues when needed or just during a sane conversation. If you need help, let me know. We will work together for it and perhaps find more solutions. I promise. This is not going dead with this article as it started well before this article.

S. No. Department         Helpline No.

DCW Helpline




Women Helpline


      (24 hrs. toll free),





3. Delhi Police Post Box No.


(women in distress can send theircomplaints through this Post Box)


Police Control Room




Transport Helpline


Women’s helpline number 181 operational on MTNL, Airtel.

All rights to the photographs and Written material are owned by Preeti gupta. Please feel free to mail/ message if you would like permission to use them.


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