Forever, may be

And with each breath escaping her body, she felt weaker and weaker. Her last breath in his arms was more of a sigh, of knowing that she is with him, finally. He kissed her gently on her cheeks and did not look up at her for a while. She had almost fallen to the ground. He bent himself along with her to adjust her body resting over him. Her face rested on his shoulder.

It was an age they spent together there in those few moments. Moments of togetherness, moments meant for life, even after death. Though, that was not exactly what Sumit was thinking of at that moment. He was not thinking of death. He wanted to instill life in Kajal, he knew he will not let her go. They were meant to be together, they were soulmates. Kajal has been shot, by her father. It had been over 30 seconds since the shot hit Kajal. She was bleeding. Her pink shirt was hugging her slender body drenching slowly in the red, a little pierce in near just above her heart. And they were left alone, in that secluded tunnel. They were left alone to be with each other, now. The peace they had been looking for from such a long time, the peace that was there now, to last forever. Sumit was sure, he will find a way out. He knew her heart was safe. He knew she will live. “Kajal, you will be fine, you know Kajal. Kajal. Kajal. Talk to me” Sumit repeated, in his gasps. He wasn’t breathing really. Every word came out in a sigh. Her name, was all he could say to continue breathing. A drop of tear at the corner of his left eye shone in the dark. He had picked her up in his arms and was running towards the exit that he knew existed somewhere. He ran in dark, with the little shimmer of moonlight that made way in the tunnel from the meshed manholes. Her eyes were closed. But she was breathing. He could feel the rush of air on his right arm where she rested her mouth. She was talking, the way he had taught her.  She was moving her lips on his arm. He knew she was trying to say something. He knew what it was. The randomness of her moving her lips to breathe and talk together by her mouth made it difficult to decipher what it was. “I love you, too” said Sumit. Kajal opened her eyes and smiled in pain. “Look at the moon kajal, look above you, look we are out, no one is here, hang on kajal, you will be fine, love.” Sumit gave her a glance and kissed her this time on her lips. She almost choked for a while and said, “We will be fine, we know. Soulmates. Remember?” Sumit was happy that she spoke something. It gave him courage. Getting out of the tunnel was thankfully easier than what he had seen in movies, he thought for a vague nanosecond. He was running towards a taxi now that was parked at the corner of the road and screaming, “to the hospital, fast. As fast as you can, Sir, please” The taxi driver had by now pulled the car out of the parking and waved to Sumit to stop where he was. Sumit did not stop. He ran, with Kajal in his arms. He loved her. Kajal, 18. Sumit, 34. He ran with her, towards the taxi, towards a new life they wanted to start together. He knew she will live. She will have to. Kajal, had never loved anyone so much before as she loved Sumit. Right now, she was happy, so close to Sumit. She thought of how beautiful she never thought death could be in Sumit’s arm. Stupid. “I will live” she thought and sighed.

“How did you know I was here?” asked Kajal, “Soulmates, Remember?” replied Sumit, stroking her hairs on the back seat of the taxi, as they smiled at each other.


Soulmates. Do you know who are they?

Let me know, If you know!


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