Of Freedom to Speak the Truth?

Thought of a hundred things before I started writing this maiden post for my new blog. Most of them circled around healthcare and I had to really force my fingertips to avoid typing anything that read like a medicine OR drug OR pharma co OR research OR disease (not that this “OR” is not reminding me of the secondary research that I do on google during the day on the same concerns — during my work hours only, ofcourse!!) Though my temptation to read more on Indian politics/ bodo and the discussions over US healthcare reforms has not yet subsided, I would probably keep them for the following posts.

It began when I started reading about Julian Assange a few days before when the news stubmled upon in my gmail with the google feeds I had set up for work with the key word “depression”. It was something that his mother had mentioned about him having the probability to suffer with because of the current situation. It was today, that I could read peacefully on what had really happened as the aftermaths of Julian Assange being dragged into a lawcourt for a sexual assault case.

I, personally had been anyway impressed with the kind of work which the organization was engrossed with. I was impressed by the concept Wikileaks was trying to build into peoples mind, those who want the world to change, for the better. One of Wikileaks profound spokesperson JA, about whom I was trying to write here, has currently sought refuge at the Ecuador’s London Embassy. The British government has also declared clearly that they have the rights under a the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act which will allow them to by-pass the protection that JA has in the premises of the Embassy. Though the statements stirred people in and around Britain, not forgetting the Ecuador-ians who were enraged with the kind of supremacy that the British has tried to portray, it eventually did nothing. JA is still captivated in a room that has the basic essences of a life, but nothing more. His fault? If I go by my judgement, which might probably mean nothing to the world around me, I feel he is being cheated. Once the British government can find him by his collar. he will be transported to Sweden, where the case against him has been filed. Not to forget, the reasin why JA is not coming out of that embassy premises is because it is not the fact that he will be conspirated/ caught in a case that may lead him to be jailed for upto 10 years or more, but infact, this that he may be extradited to the US. Where, the US government is desperately looking for him to be charged for cases that have been build up against him for infringing into secret information. Well, if you remember anything about a Mr. Bradley Manning, 24 then when arrested, JA’s fate may not be any better. For manning’s treatment by the US was classified by the US as not just being cruel and inhuman but devoid of the very basic rights of privacy. 11 months in isolation, the man, indicted for the videos representing barbarism in a country attacked by the US to wikileaks, has now finally been shifted to a better place in West Virginia, (leave apart discussing the ease for the officials to present him at the location for court martial and other reasons).

For what I have read, the rules for extradition from the UK seem to be yet much more flexible than from Sweden. But, as Sweden has been one of a very close ally for the US in many fights (against inhumanity and terror, for which they may well have been fed for development purposes) it is almost doubtful that Sweden will not extradite JA to the US, if in case UK does not do it.

In the meanwhile, as you and I continue to enjoy the freedom to voice our opinions and walk outside freely on the road, JA is still inside his room, inside the embassy,  from a time, which will be called as ages in lay man terms, even if they be a few weeks still counting in single digits!

JA has initially been condemned by his nation, Australia too. Later, though the country alledged he has done nothing wrong to be charged for, in his own country and loosing a citizenship there. This has made things worse for him. His now rejected application to gain an asylum in the politically neutral land of switzerland required a pre-condition that was the danger of loosing the first citizenship (or danger to ones life ~ i exactly do not remember what it was), which was now not qualified due to the supportive comments from the Australian government. I wonder if this has been a strategy by the Australina government and the US to prevent him from gaining a Swiss citizenship and moving his Wikileaks HQ to the country. Along with, the Australian government has started preparations in there embassy in the US for the extradition of JA to US. Though, they classified this as a normal flow of work, this to me, almost gives an impression that they want to get rid of JA. I hope, I am wrong. The US has not left any stone unturned in blocking aids to the functioning of wikileaks, already, From the Swiss Bank freezing JA’s accounts to Master Card, Visa, Pay Pal and Bank of America blocking donations to Wikileaks. The Agency survices.

As Ecuador has now granted asylum to JA despite the enmity generated from many developed countries, JA still can not escape the premises safely out of the country. He will still be caught if, not anywhere then at the airport! Looks like Ecuador has initiated the “hit me on my face” or “poke me in my nose” rebellion against the US. Be blessed all.


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